Bubble Bath Floats

If you’re ever looking for a cute way to mass produce an appreciation gift or a party favor on a budget, these Bubble Bath Floats are perfect and pay great attention to detail! The gift-ee with feel so special and recognized with this unique idea to transform packaging with bath fizzles. This idea came come from Solomon Family Delights, the full directions are below but if you would like more instructions or other nifty ideas like this hop on over to visit them!

Supplies needed:

Sundae cups and lids. (Go to DQ and ask if they will donate or ask any ice cream parlor)
Box of calgon powder bubble bath (pink) or if you use bath beads by Vasaline (beads will not bubble like bubble bath)
Box of baking soda
A tube of red bubble oils. (At the dollar store they come in a sleeve of 6)
I could only find pink bath beads and not red. Red would simulate the cherry. They come in a sleeve of 10 for $1
Bath scrubbies They come in a sleeve of 6 for $1
hot glue
bendy straw


Fill parfait cup with 3/4 cup bubble bath powder
1/2 cup baking soda on top.
Should be layers. It should look like a float on the bottom and the foam on top.
Add scrubbie, for the whip cream
hot glue red bath bead for cherry and
insert straw.
Cover with lid, and attach a cute poem.

Make up a cute poem to go with your float and attach.
On the back of the bath bead box, it says you need to use 1/2 cup. I tried this in my own bath and it is plenty and leaves the water amazingly soft and wonderful!!! You will feel sooo soft!!!


Poem by SHIRLEY THOMAS found at www.craftsayings.com

This very special sundae,
will leave you feeling great.
It’s chock full of good things,
even though it can’t be ate.

Take it in the bath with you.
Of course don’t take a sip,
cause it may look delicious,
but it’s made to take a dip.

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