Ann Taylor vs. Ann Taylor LOFT

As I approach my middle 20′s my style is transitioning from main stream teen to more a sophisticated working woman with unique style. Ann Taylor clothing has such beautiful and sophisticated pieces that any woman can wear while feeling feminine and professional at the same time.
When I was beginning to search for Ann Taylor in my area there were two separate stores; Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor LOFT. Both stores looked somewhat similar with their design, shape, style, and color of clothes, but I was unsure what the difference was…

Here is what I have compiled:

Ann Taylor: Your Mother’s Store. More conservative style, business professional. Size 0-18, XXS-XXL, Wedding & Events Collection,

Ann Taylor LOFT: Your Store. More “sexy” casual designed for the younger buyer, middle to younger business woman. Less expensive than Ann Taylor. Size 00-18, XXS-XXl. Beach Collection,

Below is a picture of items I picked off both Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor LOFT online store so you can get a feel of the looks both stores have.

[click image to view larger]

Ann Taylor vs. Ann Taylor LOFT fashion beauty buzz

Q: Have you ever shopped at Ann Taylor or Ann Taylor LOFT? If so, what is your favorite piece?

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