Our New Addition

This is our new addition! His name is Finley and he is a 11 week old cream Mini Doxie male. Doxie is short for: Dachshund.
We have been talking about getting a dog for a few months now, we recently went to the Oregon Coast and saw tons of dogs and doggie lovers which made us even more excited to make the commitment. That night after the beach when we arrived back home, we seriously started looking online for our match.
We found a breeder up in Vader Washington that had such a passion for dogs. I called her and we ended up talking for two hours on the phone and made a date to come for a visit the following morning.
Early the next day we got up and drove 1.5 hrs to Vader Washington to visit her pups and see how we felt about taking one home. As soon as we saw the pups we knew we wanted to take one home. After watching them interact with other dogs and us, we decided to take the more mellow laid back cream (Finley).
He was then ours and we took him home that day. He slept on my lap in the car the whole way back home. I loved this bonding time.

The next step was picking out a name for our new found fellow. I wanted something unique because I didnt want a basic name like Jack, or Skip, or Buddy. No offense if you are reading this and those are your names. I just like more refreshing names that is.
I looked online of course because thats what I do for everything, and I came across a football player whose last name was Finley. It just stuck with me and we played around with it for the day and got more excited about it. Before we went home we stopped at PetSmart,Walmart and took him in with us to pick up some things for his new home.

We got him a Martha Stewart Bed with a pattern like this: (we got the blue one)

Our New Addition news

Disposable Puppy Pee Pads

IAMS Pup Food

2 toys ( one stuffed squeeky & one ball with braided ropes on the end)

Feeding dish Food+Water, it was actually for a cat but just perfect for his size.

Collar (blue&brown)

Bone shaped Doggie poop bag holder w/extra poop bags

Retractable leash

All this happened withing 24 hours and my weekend was ending soon. I was refreshed to go back to school and cheery to share my new of our new addition.

Today marks 1 week of owning our little MR.

Our New Addition news

Our New Addition news

Our New Addition news

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