Revlon Scented Nail Polish Summer

Revlon Scented Nail Polishes for SUMMER! These Limited Edition colors/scents came out in 2009 and 2010 but are back on the shelves for summer of 2011.

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Each scent lasts four to five days, and is even discernible through any clear topcoat.

The color pop shades each smell good enough to lick, with flavors like Orange Smoothie, Ocean Breeze, Peach Smoothie, Orange Pop, Gum Drop, Grapy Icy, Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum.

Scented nail polish was was patented in 1997; the formula creates a special ratio of ingredients that allows the fragrance to slowly volatilize from the dried polish, providing a “pleasant human detectable scent,” according to the patent application.
The concept has been utilized by a handful of companies: Claire’s presently sells a scents nail polish, and Bubble Yum has one too. Sephora offered a glittery version through their now-defunct Sephora Girls line.

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