Papercrafted Blossom Easter Eggs


If you are interested in paper crafting these delicate Easter eggs are just the right project for you! These paper crafted eggs are made from a Styrofoam egg base so you can enjoy them many years to come. Beautiful spring flowers are precisely placed on the eggs with vines and many colors to overall brighten [...]

Flower Vase Table Fountain


When I saw this fountain I fell in love with it! I saw it at my local Hallmark in the mall and had to have it. Only to find out the last one they had on stock was the display which was chipped so I set out to a few other stores to see if [...]

free daily planner


I don’t know if it’s the “woman” in me or what but I am a firm believer in planning. I like to plan meals, activities, investment programs like investools, what to wear, what kind of shampoo to buy next, you name it I love to plan out things and feel comfortable being in control of [...]

Easter Basket Ideas


Instead of filling traditional wood baskets with treats for Easter, try using a container that your child can use/play with later! Below is a list of ideas I thought up that would be great “frugal” containers to pass on Easter treats to children in. Picture from VanillaJoy Plastic sand pails Flower pots Wagons Brown sack [...]

Easter Eggshells Votives


Ever wonder what to do with your left over Easter eggs after the hustle and bustle of Easter is over? Well this year no need to worry, Mom’s Buzz has a great idea to turn leftover shells into mini candles! Great for decorations or a hostess gift. Supplies: Egg shells as many as you would [...]

Egg Carton Daffodil


Yellow daffodils are always a sign of early spring! They represent a long winter’s rest and the welcoming of spring to come! Enjoy making these golden flowers that will last all year round from Marcel’s Kid Crafts! Supplies: 1 Empty egg carton All purpose adhesive Scissors Acrylic paints ( yellow, orange, green) 1 Thin stick [...]

20 Must Have Home Decor Items on a Budget

Decorating a home can always brighten and lift moods and make an environment more enjoyable and comforting place to be. Buying unique and specialized pieces can be pricey and expensive to buy on a budget. Below is a list of 20 items from Silk Fair that can quickly improve an environment and can be easily [...]

Martha Stewart Alphabet Cutter Set


From A-Z these cutters are great for spelling names in cookies, clay,  or sandwiches, the possibilities are endless! I found a set of silicon letter ice cube tr a few months ago but did not purchase them because I didn’t think they were very versatile. These metal cutters can be used in the kitchen, craft [...]

Spring Cleaning Checklist


Everyone has their own version of the yearly “Spring Cleaning”. Some homes may need more attention than others, but spring cleaning may bring out old things that have not been used and can be useful and put back into its rightful place/purpose. Spring cleaning is more than just cleaning, it is a safety check for [...]

Mini Gardens


Spring is near and to get ready at our site grew our own mini gardens of grass! Other classes have started their own plants by using the flower seeds from the packet but I think grass grows a lot quicker. We planted our mini gardens a few weeks ago, set them in the kitchen window [...]