Easter Peeps Soap


Do these look like the real thing or what? Easter marshmallow Peeps are a staple each year in our house, they are probably not the healthiest of treats with its fluffy sugar coated marshmallow. Thanks to Fizzy Bubbles for making our favorite childhood treat into a soap! This company makes a few other novelty bath [...]

Don’t Bug Me I’m Reading


With TV and video games taking charge in some homes these days, geting kids excited about reading can be somewhat of a challenge. I am fortunate at my center to have our local library drop off a tub full of books to us every two months! The kids get so excited about getting a new [...]

Free Printable File Folders


If you are an organizer freak like me but like to do your business in style then you will love Whisker Graphics FREE printable File Folders! They are a fun modern design playing around with the basic shape of a square. These will work great in my file cabinet at home and I know Jeff [...]

Printable Freezer Lablels


Ever reach your hand back into your freezer and find some Ziploced tin-foiled block that who knows what it is and how long it has been in hiding? We have all so been there, no need to waste good food because Martha Stewart has FREE printable freezer labels! Just print them out on adhesive-backed paper [...]

Easter Egg Wreath


I just fell in love with this Easter Egg wreath! The pastel colors are so simple and sweet. I saw a similar one today at Target but it was more on the cheesier side with brighter colors and spendier too. Of course I planned to make a more craftier and personalized one myself but didnt [...]

100th Day of School Celebration


Today at the school I work at we celebrated the 100th day of school! This is a celebration that “honors” the 100th day of school! I have heard of different schools celebrating their 100th day uniquely in their own way and making it a learning day for kiddos to count and learn how to count [...]

Scrabble Keyboard


If you have some extra time on your hands and want to spaz up your home or office, you might want to turn your old favorite Scrabble game board into a keyboard! Makezine features their unique keyboard that was made from real Scrabble tiles that were all hand-beveled individually. This would be a tedious task [...]

Valentine Bingo Decoration

I stumbled upon this cute Valentine’s Day decoration at Out On A Whim. It’s made by using worn red bingo cards, chipboard, and other miscellaneous Valentine themed stickers, papers, and embellishments. I thought this was cute enough for little ones and sophisticated enough for us big girls too. I always love to snag up post [...]

For the Love of Oregon

My friend Amanda M. gave me this idea, she had done this in her home and I loved the idea and wanted to create one of my own!The pictures are vintage looking postcards of well known places in Oregon. You can find these post cards in most Oregon greeting card stores, Hallmark, Made in Oregon [...]

Winter Citrus Potpourri Mix


This potpourri mix from Chickens in the Road is put together from things that are available in the back yard, leftover from Christmas, or in the spice cabinet. If you do not have everything in the ingredients list, use what is available to you and what you can get your hands on in your location. [...]