One Lovely Blog Award


I am so very honored to announce another bloggy award to us at TwoHeartsTogether! Thanks Sherry at A Little Fun With Me and Lu for giving us the “One Lovely Blog Award”, so sweet of you to think of us and give us this generous award! The One Lovely Blog Award is all about making [...]

Free Printable Apple Note Cards


How cute are these Apple note cards that Creature Comforts created for FREE as Teacher gifts or a special friend. For birthdays at my center I give the kids a special birthday note included with a treat or prize inside, this year I created my own mini cards off publisher but these are really neat [...]

Twine Vases


Spruce up some cheap vases with leftover twine! What a great idea, they three below look so rustic and like they were from Pottery Barn or some other uppity place. Enchantresses Three has some other great home decor ideas that I have been poking back to daily to get ideas to make my black theme [...]

Nutty Fudge Recipe


Who said Fudge was only for holidays? Nobody! Which is why I think I always need my fudge fix about this time of year because my Christmas stash is gone, and the Easter candy is outdated. Two good reasons to make your own, and it couldn’t be any easier by making it in the microwave! [...]

Cube Calenders


Take a look at this new way to enjoy a calender on your desk! QueenVanna Creations on Etsy makes adorable decorative cube calenders that made me think of my old teachers desk in grade school who always had the date on her desk in the form of these cubes. I have not been able to [...]

Darling Buds of May Free Digi Scrapbook Kit


Today I found two great spring themed digital scrapbook kits that use bright colors, flowers, and accents to create a fresh looking digital scrapbook page! Both kits I know I will use over and over again because the elements are so versatile and cute just about anytime of the year. The best part both are [...]

Splash Award


I am super excited to announce my first bloggie award! Cher over at Love, Actually graciousally awarded me “The Slash Award” and the fun part about it… I get to pass it on to other sweet blogs that I love too! So he were go.. Here are three blogs that I find: alluring, amusing, bewitching, [...]

Glitter Playdough


Who ever thought to add glitter to playdough? Well whoever they are they are a GENIUS because why not add glitter, its sparkly, shiny, and entertainingly fun in just about anything so here is a recipe I found at Just Deanna to make your own glitter playdough! Ingredients: 4 C all purpose flour 2 C [...]

Decorative Envelope Holder


It’s always fun to revamp old things and turn them into something spunky,unique, and an image of your personality! Which is what exactly what I did with my envelope box. I took my box of envelopes and covered it with cute scrapbook paper and funky stickers to give it more personality siting on top of [...]