GREEN Scavenger Hunt

GREEN is the official color for the month of March thanks to the celebration of St.Patrick’s Day! During the week I made up a GREEN Scavenger Hunt for my kids. I listed 17 things that the kids had to find around the room. Each time they found an item or did what the question required of them, I would check off the box by the number with a GREEN marker! If you wanted to make this more complicated and were able to go outside and leave you can go on a scavenger hunt in your local park, on a car trip, or in a grocery store. This kept my kids pretty entertained and they found way more green things that I actually knew were in the room. Below are the 17 questions that I came up with, have fun with your kiddos and comment with any other ideas or variations your have done!

  • 1. Find something that grows green
  • 2. Find something in your backpack  that is green
  • 3. Find a friend who is wearing green
  • 4. Name the character value that is green (responsibility)
  • 5. Find one green crayon, one green colored pencil, and one green marker
  • 6. Find a plastic item that is green
  • 7. Find something soft that is green
  • 8. Find something you can build with that is green
  • 9. Find one snack item that is green
  • 10. Find one green letter
  • 11. Find something that is green and hard
  • 12. Name one animal that is green
  • 13. Where did St.Patrick’s Day originate?
  • 14. What is the 4 leafed “lucky” plant assoctiated with St.Patrick’s Day   (shamrock/clover)
  • 15. Name the green item on Miss.Samantha ( I was wearing a green headband)
  • 16. Name a fruit that is green
  • 17. What two colors mixed together make green?

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