Knitted Swiffer Sweeper Mop Cover

I may be crafty, but I cannot/do not know how to sew or knit. I have always wanted to and have attempted with no success. Well this gives me hope because Katrina over at RootsAndWingsCo didn’t know how to knit either and so she started knitting by making a cover for her Swiffer Sweeper Mop! I have hardwood floors and they are such a pain to keep up on, the Swiffer works pretty well on catching all those dust bunnies and fallen hair (ooops that me!) but the only annoying thing is those cover replacements are SO EXPENSIVE!

The knitted Swiffer cover is made of yarn and is copied from a template that was bought at Michael’s! Next time I stop in I’m going on the search for one because if she can do eh, maybe I can too.

But the BEST part of these Swiffer covers, they are WASHABLE and REUSABLE so no more giving in to the manufacture expensive replacement pads, just whip up a few of these babies and you’re a cleaning woman gone mad. Well not really mad but you know what I mean.

The template is:

Sugar’ n Cream Knit Duster

(click the above link to see the product on Michel’s website)

found at Michel’s Craft Store

Knitted Swiffer Sweeper Mop Cover crafts

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